Kristina Babcock

A female Manatee Weight Loss patient before and after surgery

Kristina has a new energy and outlook on life after losing 110 pounds.

“After watching my mom and daughter succeed with their sleeve surgeries, I decided it was my turn. I had gained over 100 pounds since my husband passed away several years ago. I am a dance teacher and it was becoming difficult to keep up with the kids, being so overweight. While these past six months have certainly been a process and required patience and hard work, it was completely worth it.

I am down 110 pounds in just over six months. I have a new energy and outlook. I can even wear jeans from designer stores! That was a huge accomplishment. I am healthier now and feel great. Dr. Rekkas was amazing and everyone in the office has been so supportive and helpful. I know they are all there when I need them! Thank you all!”

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