Ciera Lemoniades

Ciera is 100 pounds lighter and feeling better every day.

“Nine months ago I was 33 years old and was told that I would need to begin taking blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication and that I was pre-diabetic. I was more than 100 pounds overweight and the weight had finally caught up to me. It was the slap in the face I needed to begin the process of the Gastric Sleeve procedure. Dr. Rekkas and his staff were supportive and helpful throughout the many months of pre-surgical requirements and always made me feel supported. It has been six months since my surgery and I am down 100 pounds. I feel better every day and I am so grateful that I made the decision to have this procedure done. It has helped me to change my unhealthy relationship with food and be more active in my everyday life. If you’re considering this procedure you will find a wonderful staff in Dr. Rekkas’ office that will walk you through each step with care and thought.”

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